Kylie Minogue speaks about Zayn Malik and fame

The fanbase of Zyan Malik may have been broken on the internet as they mourn the departure of the singer from One Direction, arguably the biggest boyband in the world now. But Australian pop star Kylie Minogue told that she totally understands what he is now going through.

Recently, speaking to a tabloid, the Australian singer told that fame is not for everyone. There is a whole lot of great things that some with fame, but there are other things also. She added that it is like work. Everyone wants a day off from work at times. And if you are a member of One Direction, there is no day off.

On Saturday, Minogue was getting ready for her stage return in the UAE with a performance at the Dubai World Cup, the richest horse race in the world.

She told that if she was a fifteen year old, she would not want any member of the One Direction to leave. But it is good for him that he would like to perform other things.

Malik’s sudden departure has sent shockwaves across the world among One Direction’s loyal fans. The news came when the band was getting ready to make their UAE debut. The Aussie star told that there is an ebb and flow of everything. A band is a living, breathing thing – it has people with real lives and desires which might not always fit into the schedule of a band.

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