Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around…Comes Around

Songs for Your Day Video Rating: four / five

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31 Responses to “Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around…Comes Around”

  1. mariaandmickierocks Says:

    why would any girl cheat on justin timberlake?!?!

  2. light4u1 Says:

    i love when justin beats the shit out of the guy haha

  3. BeeHold Says:

    See that’s what happens when you dump Justin Timberlake.

  4. mselainefonseca Says:

    karma is a BITCH

  5. djresonanceatl Says:

    I am so jealous he gets to make out with my wife 🙁

  6. steveoooo00 Says:

    336 people are a bunch of CHEATING BITCHEZZZ!!!!

  7. phyllislee17 Says:

    sometimes I just find myself listening to old JT songs, miss the good old days <3


    Sick Dance Video For “Next To You” By Chris Brown & Justin Bieber On My Page


  9. soytupadre1209 Says:

    ur asome, that my ideology ♥

  10. fpachecoventura Says:

    Did anyone see/hear the cover of this song made by “Baleia”, from brazil? Look for it on youtube!

  11. Jjcwigmore Says:

    @Bootehliciousx3 ur totaly right, such nice beat and a good vocal 🙂

  12. sportfreundin1000 Says:

    she is so pretty even when she’s dead

  13. SuperBananaMilkshake Says:

    I remember when the comments all were about the music/music video

  14. suaveliketodd Says:

    Love this song, its so true… what goes around comes around. Check out my cover on my channel, tell me what you think, have a niceee day 🙂

  15. alexbriciu Says:

    This comment has been removed for too many thumbs down.[it was about Justin Bieber]

  16. yoaniating Says:


  17. TheAmardeep94 Says:


  18. xR0CKMUFFIN Says:

    hate people begging for thumbs up -.-‘ SO ANNOYING; in EVERY video aswell,gee

  19. yumar44 Says:

    I like the firs part, I love black sea melodies.

  20. DJack5825 Says:

    @TheAn0nim no im watching this in 2345

  21. Bigalinbklyn83 Says:

    Looks like his friend kept more than an eye on her!

  22. Bigalinbklyn83 Says:

    The 335 dislikes were people who did something bad and it came back around to them!

  23. Lykeit0rByteit Says:

    Y the fuk did he try that line again? N y did she try to give justin timberlake the cold shoulder?

  24. petroulading Says:

    i love him!!!!

  25. MegaBabygirl30 Says:

    @Cowness09 yea and me and justin r married, im pregnant to

  26. Britney Spears Says:


  27. Roxx Records Says:

    Roxx Records are all about the magic

  28. Gutter Pups Says:

    Thanks for this

  29. Highly Favoured Music Says:

    does this count as pop?

  30. BG Music Idol Says:

    What did you make of last nights Music Idol

  31. Zoser Music Blog Says:

    Its all about the money money money