Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body

Tunes for Your Working day Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body”

  1. Willie Davis Says:

    Please check out my a capella cover

  2. Hayrettin Ayaz Says:

    Rock Your Body

  3. 67DrWatson Says:

    Back when Justin TimberFAKE was still trying to convince us he was ‘down’
    with black folks and anyone with a functioning brain cell knew that the
    only black person he knew was Timbaland and Pharrell through his work with
    them. A decade later and he knows Jay-Z – through another music
    collaboration – so he must get a pass because he like knows like 3 black
    people okay??!LOL

  4. Alec Roe Says:

    One of my all time favourite songs, hot video. Justin Timberlake is a
    brilliant singer/songwriter, dancer and musician. Justin is on fire here, I
    would love to be the one dancing with Justin and I want to rock his body!
    Love it

  5. Michael Chu Says:

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  6. Braxton Rodgers Says:

    wow this song came out 2002 and now when i listen to this song its like i
    miss those early 2000 years even though i was younger but still i mean now
    i am 13 in 2012 but still miss those early 2000 years

  7. Rukia Oyama Says:

    i was crazy about this song when i was 3
    now i’m 13 and i still love it !!!!!

  8. Marilza de Souza Machado Says:

    JT’s heading home to rock your body on 11/18, Memphis! http://ow.ly/l8nJH .
    Tix on sale at 10am. http://ow.ly/l8gYj #JT2020Tour

  9. Letícia Alves Says:

  10. Natalie Bishh Says:


  11. Maria A Lopez Says:

    Rock my body babe…

  12. Aditya Mathur Says:


  13. lex klaas Says:

    still listen to this in 2013

  14. Ra Shawn Says:

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  15. Thescientist Says:

    omg I love the beatbox!!

  16. Heber HASBURG Says:


  17. Yoan Peiikin Says:

    ☻/ Like this comment…. If you’re a fan of Justin Timberlake <3 : <3 🙂

  18. lovingjackson Says:

    This was originally written for MJ.

  19. sonicxlover135 Says:

    Not. The. Right. Song.

  20. Jewell Sparks Says:

    I always thought this song was sung by a black dude. 😛

  21. Maria Kapetanidis Says:

    Love that SONG <3<3<3

  22. Destinee Davenport Says:

    My sister said me and Bruno Mars make love like gorillas…I laughed and
    said that’s ok Justin Timberlake rocks my body lol


    JT love u

  24. Царь Волченков Says:

    It doesn’t matter how much of a Metalhead I am, I always make room for
    Justin Timberlake!

  25. cmckittrick91 Says:

    Anyone else remember the beatboxing part being different?