Justin Timberlake (Live) – Manchester Arena – 08 04 2014

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25 Responses to “Justin Timberlake (Live) – Manchester Arena – 08 04 2014”

  1. Aleksandra Cegla Says:

    Can someone please tell me the setlist? Thanks :)

  2. candy183ny Says:

    Was this the whole concert?

  3. Iva Says:

    Wow. this is from 2 months into the future? That’s advanced. How’d you
    do it? Something with a wormhole?

  4. WinterForever2009 Says:

    THANK YOU!!! I’ll see this show live today in Moscow! Can’t wait!
    Did security use lazers? They say no cameras, no photo even don’t allow to
    use binoculars to avoid eyes injury (in Moscow)

  5. whoarissax3 Says:

    Watching this because I saw him live 3 weeks ago in San Antonio, TX and I
    miss it so much. Hands down the best concert I have ever been to. Wish I
    could relive it all over again. Thank you for uploading the whole concert,
    it’s like I’m there again, haha. :)

  6. Heather Leslie Says:

    AMAZING!! thanks so much for posting this!!

  7. Ray Enriques Says:

    He is a really great entertainer I have seen this show 3 times now. Amazing
    JT is the man.

  8. Sherri Watson Says:

    I think Justin is awesome!

  9. Валерия Вествик Says:

    i think it was his best concert! i really love “Drink you away”, he did
    that amazing)

  10. danica soriano Says:

    Justin is the beat.

  11. Rosangela Canela Says:

    Apaixonada por vc Justin Timberlake amoooo muito suas musicas show

  12. LadyTyger51ne Says:

    He is amazing to see in concert!! I’ve seen him twice! I want to see him

  13. Oreo2014 Says:

    Who was his opening act in UK?? x

  14. Beautifuljordanalove@hotmail.com Superaexy Says:

    I loveeeed jt so muchhes coming to my town Montreal I wannet to see him
    both nights r sold out so thank u for sharing at least I get to see on

  15. MsBrowns94 Says:

    Grazie mille!! Peccato solo che uno spettacolo simile non si possa vivere
    anche in italia…

  16. giantsmisfit Says:

    Lovely recording! I recorded parts of it when i went a few days ago (CA
    show) but due to not having seen him in 10 years (the Justified/Stripped
    tour was my last time seeing him) I did have a bit too much shaking (and
    maybe some screaming -ok and some crying) so I deeply appreciate people who
    are able to post full concerts and good quality ones on here! What camera
    did you use to record this? Its amazing!

  17. pen braymer Says:

    saw this show in KC!!! Best show ever!!!!!

  18. Cathy Groves Says:

    This is awesome. I wanted to go see him on tour this year and didn’t have a
    chance to. This is the next best thing. Thank you for sharing this

  19. lesley-anne sansaricq Says:

    The quality of this video is awesome! Thank you for uploading and sharing
    this! I’m so glad that I can relive that amazing show!

  20. Patty Gopez Says:

    Thank you for this! Saw him in Vegas this past weekend and having major
    withdrawals – such an amazing show!! I feel like I’m back there again :)

  21. Alê Ferre'R Says:


  22. bambi69165 Says:
  23. Maddi Payan Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for uploading this!! now i can re live the concert every
    day hahaha

  24. InfiniteDreams Says:

    What are you talking about? This show is freaking insane! Epic! His
    presence alone is enough. So please, state your opinion somewhere else.

  25. maxwellsmart2000 Says:

    I know he tours every day basically in this tour but he sounds really tired
    compared to other performances!