Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You

Tunes for Your Working day Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You”

  1. Gorgeous Execution Says:

    a time when wearing baggy jeans was cool… 

  2. Gfresh844 Says:

    3.36 No need to call her a hoe, especially when she’s right there.

  3. Dvimsii Says:

    Swear nobody could’ve made a better feature on this than Clipse!

  4. Hong Uyen Says:

    Back in Nsync, he was a innocence teen boy.
    In Justified, he was a bad boy.
    In Futuresex/Lovesound, he was a cool guy.
    In The 20/20 Experience, he’s a gentlemen.
    Love this guy so much.

  5. liseg89 Says:

    I had THE biggest crush on JT back then.. Ha ha

  6. La X Más Música Says:

    10:39 la canción que debemos oir antes de morir hoy es “Like I Love You” de
    Justin Timberlake en #SoundCity:

  7. Tania Reza Says:

    For some reason he kinda remindes me of barney stinson in this video :P

  8. Natália Veselovská Says:

    I’ve just found out that Kevin Federline is a back up dancer in this

  9. Eros Pleasure Says:

    …the chance…
    …to be your man…

  10. Shaz A Says:

    Wow, never really watched this video and right at 2:57 I knew that person
    sitting next to Justin with the girl’s legs across him looked like Pharell
    and then he comes out at the end. Had no idea he was even in this and as
    always still looking the same lol

  11. Georgio Louw Says:

    They call him SK8board P, you better recognize kid…..

  12. Terry Kane Says:

    that constant drum beat just makes u wanna move threw out the whole song .

  13. Jean Avendaño Says:

    That’s the real Justin, and he is Timberlake…

  14. roosevelthighschool Says:

    Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You 

  15. Paróczay Violetta Says:

    I love this song!!!

  16. Franky Garcia Says:

    – Like I Love You: ,, enjoy,,,

  17. GamingStacey GamingGoat Says:


  18. Rory Mitchell Says:

    Yow, that Clipse verse………..sick!!!

  19. popsingerstar Says:

    happy 34th birthday justin!!!! u rock & ur always gonna be my fav4ite from

  20. Pablo Oscar Cardenas Caraballo Says:

    Soy cubano y para mi este es una de las mejores canciones de todos los
    tiempos de Justin

  21. Adrian Alvarez Says:

    My favorite song all time 

  22. GIMI Productions Says:

    Happy Birthday to #1 Singer in the world Justin Timberlake!!

  23. Sara Trb Says:

    Memories <3

  24. Mustafa Tunc Says:


  25. DD Martinez Says:

    s that pusha t???