Justin Bieber – Fall (Audio)

Songs for Your Day Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “Justin Bieber – Fall (Audio)”

  1. nijonik Says:

    Jsi debil,spivas jako holka.

  2. mszanessaefron Says:

    This is definitely about him and Selena!!

  3. jimmychopskins Says:

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  4. lifeinsounds Says:

    im a boy and just got a haircut like him haha Jb keep up bro

  5. MrsFilloBiebs Says:


  6. Marie Meeuwissen Says:

    I’m not a fan of JB, but he has f*cking nice songs 😀

  7. biEbErl0ve09 Says:

    Fine words!

  8. likeaboss21081999 Says:

    no shame buddy

  9. adidas00sh Says:

    OMB i fucking in love

  10. BraulioJSF Says:

    Hey, I did a cover of Justin Bieber – Be Alright. I’m a new singer and I believe in opportunities so I really appreciated if you see my cover and tell me your opinions. Just come to my channel and look at it, you won’t regret. Like this so everyone can see my comment. Thank you!

  11. murkFS Says:

    Im no fan but this song is really good

  12. jbl01456 Says:

    UM no need for you to comment bitch, STFU seriously

  13. jbl01456 Says:

    omg he was just saying he likes justin bieber so no need for you to comment, so shut ur fat mouth. ahahah

  14. crazychlodie Says:

    he aint no boy anymore he’s a man and if you can’t see that your stoping him from his dream and it kinda does matter who he sings it to then the song has more romance to it and meaning and it will all add together and thats what makes justin justin. and i love him for ever and i will never let him go! and this is for all those stupid people out there that have nothing better to do than go and thumbs down an awesome singer song or write stupid mean comment i feel sorry for you! grow up! xx

  15. LilHaseProductions Says:

    Omg. No one cares if you’re a ‘boy who loves justin bieber’

    Dude, don’t be so sexist and assume on girls do (Yes you are) you never hear girls saying I’m a girl and I fucking love justin bieber

  16. HoorahNation Says:

    thatz just weird…….0_o

  17. XnobodylovesmeX Says:

    This is my second favorite song in the album. First is Believe. <3

  18. kozd111 Says:


  19. TheNotKyleSullivan Says:

    I am a man and I fucking love Anthrax. I respect Bieber as musician although I do not particularly like his music. That is all.

  20. wolfrider910 Says:

    thumbs up if you’re a guy and jacked off to this.

  21. badboy4lyfe50 Says:

    The guitar sounds kinda like how to love by lil wayne

  22. muffingirl86916 Says:

    this has to be my favourite song on his album
    so proud of justin

  23. JustinYRachel Says:

    las 239 ‘personas’ que le dieron manita abajo, no saben lo que realmente es la musica;)