Justin Bieber – Beauty And A Beat (Audio) ft. Nicki Minaj

Songs for Your Working day Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Justin Bieber – Beauty And A Beat (Audio) ft. Nicki Minaj”

  1. ashley carroll Says:

    Love it

  2. mangesh dhas Says:

    lov this song !!!!!!!!! <3

  3. iWaZaaHD Says:

    Aaaand of course this song would be no where as near good without Nicki Minaj.

    So shut the fuck up, you fuckAaaaahing idiot.

  4. iihugedudeii Says:


  5. imgzak Says:

    i love it it’s cool song

  6. yuentung leung Says:

    Love you Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Noura Hazzouri Says:

    Love it !!!!

  8. Marcelly Capellan Says:


  9. mash5oo692 Says:

    Nicki is the best thing about this song

  10. forzasmonkey Says:

    definitely agree dude nicki minaj is the shittest thing in the world

  11. Cassandramotenen311 Says:


  12. Jewyl Raikes Says:

    We’ve gotta give this song some props… Props to u Justin 🙂 this is a big jump from baby…

  13. Milla Thirlwall Says:

    0:14 what the fuck was that?

  14. abrhamlee Says:

    hahahhha whatch u sayin is this song is good? hahahahh u don’t know real music.
    i don’t hate justin, but this song z garbage to me. this z for 11 years old girls to 18.

  15. alexandre neffati Says:

    javoue :)

  16. Wuzhles Says:

    Aaaand of course Minaj had to be there to destroy the song.

  17. MrMancusi14 Says:

    i usually don’t like his songs but growing up his songs are getting better! Thumb This Up if you agree

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  19. TomCharles123 Says:

    I’m a boy and i think justin bieber’s music is great, he has loads of talent, if he didnt he wouldnt be where he is today, everyone who says he is gay is just jealous and your embarrasing youselves saying it, i dont have to say ‘im not a homo’ because i know i’m not i just think he’s a great musician, everyone check out my channel i do covers, just like justin used to do, so yeah.. just give em a watch and tell me what you think, love you all! <3 😀

  20. jun03010403 Says:

    I love this song 😀

  21. catherinaaaaaa Says:

    i came here because of Nicki Minaj

  22. szabina0609 Says:

    justiiiiiiiiiin *-* szeretleeeek

  23. shootingblakes Says:

    haha of course it’s a catchy song, zedd produced it! to be honest though i wouldn’t really mind the track being the way it is if nicki minaj wasn’t on it. her role in this song is so minuscule and irrelevant, all she does is take away from bieber and zedd’s talents…

  24. Manisha Sharma Says:

    The Believe album is just sex.

  25. 1dzaynharry Says:

    so many likes but wen i puch da reresh button it grows larger…