Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris

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32 Responses to “Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris”

  1. TheArunsingh1 Says:

    Thumbs up if you are the 575,861,674 th viewer

  2. TheLexinator0420 Says:

    @johantheat the hell is Fmannr7- what the hell is FEST HOS MANGE??

  3. NovaproductionsX3 Says:

    @nuclear1250 MOST. EPIC. SONG. EVER!!! XD

  4. johndenlille95 Says:


  5. mikamadness Says:

    @nuclear1250 ha!!

  6. sTapleEVA Says:

    @Blackopsundead atleast hes a cave “man”, unlike your ape nigger ass

  7. wario40 Says:

    pedo bear should teach this guy a lesson

  8. mikamadness Says:

    Hold on, isn’t this song suggestive about paedophilia? JUSTINE bieber, you are sick, man!

  9. Redwield Says:




  10. oggylicious Says:

    mange is the shit

  11. XtremeDeaths Says:

    @TheLexinator0420 Fest hos mange.

  12. nuclear1250 Says:

    I could compose a better song in 5 seconds, just watch me:
    The end.

  13. oggylicious Says:


  14. sTapleEVA Says:


  15. mikamadness Says:

    @nuclear1250 Hi buddy!! you are soooo right!

  16. Blackopsundead Says:

    @alicepeterssonsene@ you is cave man you talk like dis alwayys. Speak right it’s ignorant to speak like that

  17. XrZTecNoSupra Says:

    you wanna use autotune?!?I know you can..autotune?!?!oh ye im there..that’s my love..that’s my safe..and i will ever ever use it agaiin..! <3

  18. johanthemannr7 Says:

    @Imneee I just came here cuz it´s FEST HOS MANGE

  19. NovaproductionsX3 Says:

    @XrZTecNoSupra time to trolololol :3

  20. sTapleEVA Says:

    @Cioppy95 well im better, so fuck off

  21. TheLexinator0420 Says:



  22. iifykimm78 Says:

    nice song <33

  23. wario40 Says:

    Y U NO COMING TO MANGES FEST? istället för att se den här skiten
    OVER 9000 kommer till manges fest

  24. Cioppy95 Says:

    i’m gr8

  25. Piecesrestonthabed Says:

    @alicepeterssonsene Learn Egrish

  26. Britney Spears Says:

    Spars is awesome!

  27. Roxx Records Says:

    Thanks for this – I think!?

  28. Gutterpups Band Says:

    I thought the Gutterpups did it better

  29. Popular Music Says:

    She has a great pair of… lungs 🙂

  30. Bulgarian Pop Idol Says:

    Love Music Idol

  31. Hard House Says:

    I love House Music

  32. Zoser Music Blog Says:

    Love th way you lie