Justin Bieber – All Around The World (Official) ft. Ludacris

Tracks for Your Day Video clip Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Justin Bieber – All Around The World (Official) ft. Ludacris”

  1. desouza david Says:

    All around the world that broken the record of jb you care for Peopel .
    And how we should live just like one
    Family.The world is so small
    People fans of justin Bieber are
    Crying and Smiling in the stage.
    Hey JB what a great show.
    And what a great song
    To make us feel one and United
    We stand and love you Album

  2. soesoeGJJ poe Says:

    My favourite video ever

  3. nathan marshall Says:

    I hate this kid but gota say some of Is music isnt bad 

  4. Andreea Iuliana Says:

    ROMANIA <3 

  5. Eledius Says:

    Haters gonna hate :), but this song is soo good 🙂 + i like this white
    style 🙂 

  6. mariajos98 Says:


  7. Jared Eduardo Arguelles Says:

    Watch my cover of Heartbreaker-Justin Bieber please 

  8. Wendy Laura Says:

    all around the world, justin has girls in love, all around the world!! :3

    Dominican Republic Loves you Justin! :$ 

  9. 박일화 Says:

    i love u justin

  10. Ada Kawala Says:

    Wow ilu polakow ;D

  11. Beliber Girl Says:

    Justin The BEST…I love You Justin…<3

  12. love summer Says:


  13. อัจฉรา ทรายงาม Says:

    LOVEJustin Bieber

  14. Jenny Ramirez Says:

    He is so cute and perfect 

  15. xxxAngelikaxxx Says:

    Crazy how in a few years where he ended up. First he was just in front of
    his PC and now he was all over the world. But those fangirls almost
    knocking out the windows on the car…that was really disturbing.

  16. Emily Cornejo Says:

    This is an amazing song

  17. ZorKizz Says:


  18. Fatty Garden Says:

    Hah the ending

  19. Carlos Andi Says:


  20. Alessandra Bergamo Says:

    1:55 <3

  21. napat andrew Says:

    Thailand Belieber LOVE You. <3

  22. Maria Luiza Detoni Says:

    Rio de Janeirooooooo!

  23. markéta Marszalkova Says:

    ♥♥♥!♥♥ love him :333 

  24. あずきの実況動画チャンネル Says:



  25. Aylin muñoz Says: