Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan

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25 Responses to “Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan”

  1. HaileyandJustinB4EVA Says:

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    1) Select first two “9”
    2) Press F3
    3) Type 9
    That is what i want to say to Justin Bieber :)) thumbs up!!!

  2. imansoour Says:

    i’m cry
    i need lock to you Justin
    thy thy thy

  3. chocola871 Says:

    I ain’t crying its just really hot where I am nd I can only sweat through my eyes…I sweat alot

  4. ilikejustinbieber206 Says:

    Awww she is so cute and omg i want to be her

  5. pixiepocket1 Says:

    the clip was great but jb was a falier

  6. Neck551 Says:

    Some jealous people say he is ” gay” even thought ha has a girl friend.You must be a gay, I guess.

  7. pessem30300 Says:

    Aww thats nic of him

  8. catolinho8 Says:

    gay gay gay gay gay gay

  9. TwoStupidGirlsYT Says:


  10. LovingMissAriana Says:

    aww..I don’t see why he has haters! :] I mean you HAVE to admit, THAT WAS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD!

  11. alyssabergeron10 Says:

    @943ilovejustinbieber I wish!

  12. cmp32000 Says:


  13. Dorituez Says:

    I don’t really like his songs but he’s still a nice guy

  14. betterdropdatdonk Says:

    Its cute lol. Whats weird is that they’re probably gonna hook up when she’s 18 and Justin is whatever age.

  15. RasiumLane Says:

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  16. TheSIGIS22 Says:

    You want a mary me? lmao but its sooo cute! omg I will cry sooo cute I was Bieber hater but now I like him! omg he is cool I was stupid then I was thinking he is gay…

  17. dezmond444 Says:

    Justin bieber is a great person

  18. oldtrio1 Says:

    justin Bieber

  19. 2468bieberlover Says:

    “We don’t have to cry because we love Justin Bieber”
    “Yea we do…Sometimes”
    haha that’s my favorite part hahaha so adorable

  20. ChantelleMason3 Says:

    aaaww if only they did this show in england because i would so apply to it so I can see justin bieber.

  21. chloe201054 Says:

    i wish i was that little girl if i was that age and i did that would i come and see me i wish i was that girl she is so dam lucky <3

  22. jheeu14 Says:

    love you junstin bieber

  23. girlsomindlessmblove Says:


  24. EmmaLoves1Direction1 Says:

    Thought the girl who loves JB was cute? Check out our channel where my 5 year old sis will prove her dedication to One Direction. There’s no crying and she’s 100 times cuter! Share, like, or just view. Make her dreams come true! THUMBS UP IF YOU THINK SHE DESERVES THE VIEWS

  25. AbracadabraHolmes21 Says:

    nice phone jimmy..