Jessie J – We Found Love (Radio 1 Live Lounge, 2012)

Songs for Your Working day Movie Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Jessie J – We Found Love (Radio 1 Live Lounge, 2012)”

  1. Melissa Munnery Says:

    Love, love, love this version <3

  2. Stefanny Rodriguez Coral Says:

    esta vieja es hermosa y canta hermoso

  3. Stefanny Rodriguez Coral Says:

    el minuto 2:23 *o* suena genial

  4. maribel roa Says:


  5. hannahcook594 Says:

    go jessie j

  6. kim k Says:

    jessie j is the best

  7. mno0oR640 Says:


  8. mentorines Says:


  9. Stephen Toatasi Says:

    Your deaf..

  10. TakoKnowlesOfficial Says:

    of course Riri’s version is better, but JJ totally rocked this song,her version is PERFECT. no doubt that it would be hit too if Jessie released it.

  11. Adrian YT Says:

    No, she’s not -,-

  12. habatyu Says:

    Right? I love indie and alternative. But The Voice is just so addicting. And Jessie J is an awesome coach! I do not think Shakira is a very good one..

  13. Nicknamevanniks Says:

    I’m an alternative music fan but my guilty pleasure is The Voice (from different countries since I’m Belgian). I’m not talking about X-factor, Idols, Whatever Nation’s Got Talent and such. I’ve gotten so much respect for Jessie J during the course of this programme because she seems so genuine and sincere. In the world of plastic she somehow represents for a bit that’s really refreshing and I commend her for that. I wish her all the best.

  14. sinead3mazza Says:

    yea, there’s really no comparing them. No doubt Rihanna is a good performer, but Jessie J’s talent is in a completely different league, she’s phenomenal!

  15. Shalva Kotchlamazashvili Says:

    DAFUQQQ ! I did not found it !!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  16. William Joyce Says:

    I sincerely hope you are being sarcastic??
    Have you even see Rihanna sing live?
    Jessie can sing like this in all of her live performances!!

  17. Karo Gil Says:

    Perfect, what a voice!! Much betun

  18. shadyr sheym Says:


  19. Alexandra Flack Says:

    She sing good but Rihanna is better

  20. ischaafinas Says:

    She so talented and awesome

  21. Kyle Ayer Says:

    Jessie J Is Clearly Something Else! She’s Overflowing With Talent No Doubt!!

  22. ChAz191 Says:

    Better than R Jessie is just class

  23. lucas van meegen Says:


  24. Nahri Alfajri Says:

    super cool

  25. Abe Adwar Says:

    sounds better than Rihanna 🙂