Jessie J – Silver Lining (Crazy ‘Bout You)

Tunes for Your Day Online video Score: 4 / five

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24 Responses to “Jessie J – Silver Lining (Crazy ‘Bout You)”

  1. Will Mulwa Says:

    galaxy s4 lol

  2. eatkebab71 Says:

    Wow jess Ur so hot your lucky I’m married

  3. Mahmoud Badr Says:

    I loved the movie before I watch it from this song

  4. jolgalee21 Says:

    Such a great song!!!!! 🙂

  5. Atreeum Knots Says:

    Don’t like the music video. Watched the movie and liked it. the concept of the cinematography across the flesh is sound… For certain, the flesh tone jumpsuit didn’t do it for me; but I appreciate the modesty.

  6. sonrisas1d Says:

    i love the song, the film i love it

  7. connor butcher Says:

    l listen to this song like everyday

  8. connor butcher Says:

    love this song omg

  9. Emma Cosby Says:

    Was this song even in the movie? I definitely don’t remember it being

  10. Jesse Smith Says:

    awesome song; awesome movie

  11. abbi mcbeath Says:

    Jennifer Lawrence yay !

  12. twilightxlove46 Says:

    silver linings playbook

  13. Larisa Laryssa Says:

    love this movie

  14. Yamanii Rosa Says:

    What movie is this

  15. chouchou chouchou Says:

    what a voice!!

  16. Amiko Tsintsadze Says:

    i love this words 😀 JENNIFER LAWRENCE <3

  17. dancinginmaltesers Says:

    I love this film and the song and all the people in the film.

  18. heartbeatlovesjj Says:

    Amazing song,amazing voice,amazing woman,amazing singer,amazing video:D congrats to Jessie and the songwriters! In love with it X to me,it’s one of the best that has ever played on a movie

  19. Jessica Jayz Says:

    lov this jessie j looks amazin lov her hair

  20. Polina Hudec Says:

    WOW! Jennifer Lawrence :))

  21. Tatiana Booster Says:

    I love Jennifer Lawrence

  22. Agnes Maia Says:

    Bradley Cooper so perfect! <3

  23. bajbhdkn Says:

    She shaved her head for charity. And watch some of her early performances. She’s always worn skimpy clothes sometimes. Nothing new there.

  24. Elisa Nicole Almeida Says:

    you little shit she shaved her head to donate it for kids with cancer