Jessie J – Live@Home – @DisneyLand Paris Full Show.

Songs for Your Working day Movie Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Jessie J – Live@Home – @DisneyLand Paris Full Show.”

  1. Marie Kanakova Says:

    gooood sound yeah bout money money moneeey hmmm rrrrr dumdumdum

  2. lori lisa Says:

    I don’t know how many words there are to describe this. Amazing, just isn’t

  3. Kitty East Says:

    Those backing singers were sooo bad….they made Jessie sound terrible :(

  4. char estévez Says:

    Argentina cant see this 

  5. Carlos Soto sanchez Says:

    i cant stop watching this videooooooooooooo

  6. RimeTime Says:

    beautiful lady.
    Hate the music tho, too commercial and crap

  7. RihannaSwitzerlandHD Says:


  8. Naya B Says:

    Great show!! ♫

  9. Matte Marra Says:


  10. Sjoerd de Buck Says:

    Jessie’s mic output was just too soft. Not the fault of the backup singers

  11. char estévez Says:

    Argentina cant see this

  12. Andre Machado Says:

    boring crowd 

  13. Mario Beja Says:

    the third song is Do It Like A Dude, not Excuse My Rude

  14. Sian Miller Says:

    its do it like a dude not excuse my rude !!!!!!

  15. Ywett Klucik Says:

    +Jessie J 

  16. Captain Danger Says:

    shes trying to sing like beyonce

  17. 이은선 Says:

    Best singer ever!!!

  18. DEMOS TRANDO Says:

    please, ¿what´s her favorite records? i don´t understand the first
    “album/artist/song” – minute 21:30

  19. callum wirth Says:

    excuse my rude when jessie puts the mic to her throat it changes the pitch
    completely so amazing

  20. Antonio Tomovski Says:

    i wanna take this girl and put her in a bell made of glass and keep all
    that dirt away omg i love her :/

  21. Abby Maura Says:

    Wow !! Amazing !!! Jessie J is fantastic !!

  22. ks babyg Says:

    those LEEGGGSSSS! wow!!!!

  23. Nofa Ku Says:

    i love her she have an amazing voice 

  24. 水橋翔太 Says:

    LIVE QUEEN 😀 😛


  25. oming daniel Says:

    the best band ever