Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude (Explicit)

Songs for Your Day Video Rating: 4 / 5

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32 Responses to “Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude (Explicit)”

  1. twitzbabe101 Says:

    @SweetSadist13 ya that too

  2. SweetSadist13 Says:

    @twitzbabe101 No, this song shows that women can’t be equally as fucktarded as some men can be.

  3. SweetSadist13 Says:

    @JusticeCrewLover No, it’s called having a seizure…

  4. SweetSadist13 Says:

    @farmmyl Illiterates… Illiterates everywhere…

  5. Venjixable Says:

    The only way i can do it is like a dude because i am dude…lol

  6. MsMileyCyrusxD Says:

    17.560 people are homophobic!!And they can’t do it like a dude!!

  7. BunnyAngelCandy Says:

    This is what happens when Kanye West takes over the world T.T

  8. XAlannahAmy14X Says:

    do it like a dude :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L

  9. JusticeCrewLover Says:

    @Kit07Kat06 ehhts called krumping.

  10. sumgui Says:

    @sara18leite …this has gone retarded

  11. Kit07Kat06 Says:

    and i hope at 2:15 that tht girl dont reelly think of tht as dancing

  12. blovesJLovesMac1 Says:

    thumbs up if you love the way she sais “dude”

  13. Kit07Kat06 Says:

    Was this her 1st song??

  14. XxMimIxX18 Says:

    3:13 she looks pretty w/ side bangs

  15. heavyd1234567910 Says:

    @josephdawg mate, I’m a guy and even I don’t agree with this comment.

  16. youtubingmaniac Says:

    @EgoPolis92 What is it?

  17. heavyd1234567910 Says:

    @hannahtwi apart from Men, of course…

    Joke ­čśë

  18. meerahweeks Says:

    what are they cutting up?

  19. rpkeegan Says:

    she sings sexy as hell

  20. hannahtwi Says:

    oh get over your selfs with out men there wouldnt be women without women there wouldnt be men soooo……………. we need eachother to survive gay people they need woman if they want to adopt and lesbians if they wanted to adopt there would have had to be man some where in there so we NEED each other not just for that but but for other things to . so there is NO DOMINANT GENDER

  21. MoCaMoJo Says:

    @josephdawg Bitch.

  22. miszmocha100 Says:

    @josephdawg your forgetting that we birth the men so without women men are nothing.

  23. mrznotavailable916 Says:

    did she say u need to lick my butthole?

  24. opinks Says:

    Nice music.. but i don’t like the video! she perform like she push herself to hard. Not comfortable for me watch it. I rather watch Lady gaga perform

  25. SoyJoyAndEminem Says:

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