Jennifer Lopez – Waiting For Tonight

Songs for Your Day Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez – Waiting For Tonight”


    @qazibasit Waiting for tonight is a cover version of 3rd Party’s 1997 song. On the Floor samples Kaoma’s 1989 song Lambada (which in turn is a cover of Márcia Ferreira’s 1986 “Chorando se foi” ) …. so what were you tryin’ to say?!

  2. qazibasit Says:

    masterpiece of 1999, but On the Floor is just a copied theme from PAradiso Girls ” Paradiso girls”

  3. jubyvera662 Says:


  4. UndNach Says:

    This song is sexy,fire,mystery,magic , Jennifer’s voice is perfect and the video one of the best !!


  5. jg7171 Says:

    all i have to say worlds best song….u listen to it after 100 years u get the same feel.u listen it after 100 times u like it more n more want to listen to it again n again.

  6. krm107 Says:

    (.)(.) = 🙁
    inna ( . ) ( . ) 😀

  7. nataliaoaks143 Says:

    Thumbs up if you are listening to this music and you have an event tonight. 🙂

  8. Nezaley Says:

    JLO did happy my childhood!! her music is so special and positive!!

  9. actressin2008 Says:

    Who went LOCO rewatching this?

  10. MrDusan10 Says:

    amazing song

  11. MrLuisitius Says:

    she is hot!

  12. theresalynn007 Says:

    is that kes$ha @ 2:34?

  13. barcawi87 Says:

    i love everything about 90s !!! best decade 1990 – 2000

  14. coffinlicious Says:

    @ambyleeful agree with u !

  15. happyfly91 Says:

    amo esta cancion

  16. Floberovpapagaj Says:

    She looks so hot in that black dress

  17. ambyleeful Says:

    i had no idea Jennifer Lopez did this song. i remember this song as a kid and i absolutely loved it. Its been years since I’ve heard it, but I heard it the other day and found out it was her who sung it. Glad this song came back to my life! I keep discovering songs I used to listen to when i was a kid, and I honestly love it! 90s-early 2000s best childhood ever! 🙂

  18. onedeadmans Says:

    @mikesterSTLMO Nope she hasn’t so you’re wrong LIKE A BOSS and welcome to the real world JackA-s-s lol

  19. Archer6989 Says:

    @PiratMB old songs does the same to me, it feels great when that happens, right?

  20. bergangeorge Says:

    without a dout 1 of my favs form JLo!!

  21. condesito45 Says:

    Pop late 00’s at the best! Now days music sucks

  22. mikesterSTLMO Says:

    @onedeadmans Um … me thinks Mommy might have breast fed you a little too long.

  23. 0Halocline0 Says:

    @onedeadmans – TMI!

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