Jennifer Lopez – Papi & On The Floor (Live at American Music Awards 2011) [HD 1080p]

Songs for Your Day Video Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez – Papi & On The Floor (Live at American Music Awards 2011) [HD 1080p]”

  1. xxthjw Says:


  2. annadanna100 Says:

    i think tht papi was better then on the floor

  3. ramiva8453 Says:

    fuck da haters…yo go girl

  4. devil211292 Says:

    did she lip sync????

  5. Sisiorange Says:

    LOL what an ugly car

  6. jshyam1000 Says:


  7. cheydeseray Says:

    @ least she is not Madonna

  8. angiebq Says:

    what’s the thing? for being 40? she is still young, she is not 80!!!!

  9. iAli98 Says:

    It really blows my mind that her and mariah carry (think thats her name) are over 40+!

  10. Baybiedoll01 Says:

    Looks like Pitbull was pretty excited…lol

  11. sballolive Says:


  12. Karategal10 Says:

    those background contortionists were amazingly good

  13. cutiegirlkatie1027 Says:

    @CarmenMe21 That’s retarded! You don’t know her! How can you not like her as a person?!? That’s the worst part about the world today. If your famous you can’t make your own decisions without being judged! I DO like her as a preformer but I can’t say if I like her as a person. It doesn’t matter what you’ve seen on t.v. because it’s all edited b.s. If you were smart you wouldn’t be needing an eleven year old to remind you of this. Thumbs up if you agree with me.

  14. SuperMusicCrazed Says:

    @RAMSES777100 i would hve died if I tried this in real life and im half her age .. and I work out alot.. but still..

  15. CPInotation Says:

    @heavyhitter7425 wtf

  16. JanieBryan Says:

    She is amazing!!!  Jennifer is back!!!!!

  17. heavyhitter7425 Says:

    I don’t see the big deal about this.

  18. themarge24 Says:

    All I can is wowww, what a great performance…

  19. emmagenenish Says:

    Nicklebacks gaaaay

  20. DiZGEEKYMAMii Says:

    Pitbull is always showing off his package lol

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  22. isa32694 Says:

    Me Encanta Esta Presentacion Mi @Jlo Te Adoro

  23. plloydie Says:

    Is it me or does pitbull have a big boner?

  24. unfairgGMA Says:

    amazing…super LIKE!

  25. JalenDopeTV Says:

    i hope i can move and look as good as her when im 42!!!!!