Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor ft. Pitbull

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32 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor ft. Pitbull”

  1. bighappy1998 Says:

    who watch da video just to look at J-LO

  2. Drizzle5133 Says:

    id like to do something nasty all over and in her

  3. alex47 Says:


  4. Drizzle5133 Says:


  5. Drizzle5133 Says:

    she is so hot

  6. nedas106 Says:

    nice 🙂 270,972,490 views

  7. vaillneeeee Says:

    trop trop cool

  8. capitanCIAFF Says:


  9. chungcorlewnawl Says:

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  10. OnlyOfficialChannels Says:

    Tjumbs up if you are 270,972,490 viewer not 270,813,515 !

  11. saadcom12 Says:


  12. TheBorat90 Says:

    FEST HOS MANGE!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. MrGanaiem Says:

    Brother: Where are you going ?

    Me : Kill this 42.574 dislikes

    Dad : Alone ?

    Me : don’t worry , we’re 563.906.

  14. theobradsvv Says:

    I feel like only my views are being counted

  15. blanchshearnsqjo Says:

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  16. lonelydusk Says:

    150 – 270,831,515 viewers :DD

  17. MsAirotkiv Says:

    not bad but it’s not going to make me dance

  18. srtn16 Says:

    she is very old.

  19. vankataable Says:

    Crib FTL. Original song FTW.

  20. Tomten143 Says:

    You are so sexy jennifer

  21. andr7776b Says:


  22. rksradomiakradom1910 Says:

    On The Floor Yeah! LA lalalalalalalalalalalalala !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brazil Morocco London to IBIZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. oggylicious Says:


  24. MsHipsu2 Says:


  25. ChiaraPrabhu Says:

    HEY GUYS! =)
    I’m from India and it’s my passion to sing.
    I absolutely love it and it would MEAN SO MUCH if you could check out some of my videos and tell me what you think.


  26. Metallica Music Says:

    Could listen to Metallica all day…

  27. Tina S Club 7 Says:

    Wish I was in the S Club

  28. Gaga Videos Says:

    I think Lady G would do this better!

  29. Britney News Says:

    Loves Britney Spears

  30. Elliott Music Says:

    Have you guys heard of craig elliott?

  31. Sustenance Fest Says:

    Better than Glasto

  32. West Kanye Says:

    Kanye West is my favourite musician