Jennifer Lopez – Get Right

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25 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez – Get Right”

  1. SuperQueenofAfrica Says:

    @greytimberwolfpup loved the vid immediately it came out perfect

  2. SuperQueenofAfrica Says:

    @Sexyyanggirl01 yummy mummy!!

  3. Sexyyanggirl01 Says:

    Jeniffer is a sexy mama and THE MOST SEXIEST QUEEN

  4. Anlimema Says:

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  5. CrystalMurphyMusic Says:

    Just posted my cover of I’m Into You, If You Had My Love, and I’m Real- By Jennifer Lopez. Let me know if you like it. Thanks! 🙂

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  6. IPJ1911 Says:

    yuri did this a lot better

  7. livebetter2 Says:

    Please thumbs up for the urgent/important message in my profile…

  8. greytimberwolfpup Says:

    This is awsome. I saw this when it 1st came out. On vh-1 on there used to be a show on Vh1 called the red eye. This is not only a cool song, but a very cool video.

  9. ShawtyBelieberSwag14 Says:

    She is latina?

  10. pusssssyyyyyy Says:

    7 J-Lo’s? Yes, please. 🙂 I love herrrrr

  11. ginlover92545 Says:

    @ENYPolyglot ill have to admit it they did look good together I was shocked when they announced their split! but we dont know the whole story I wish the best for marc anthony he seems like a cool guy! 🙂

  12. omiianix Says:

    wow she would look good with short hair:)

  13. ddffghij Says:

    this song deserves the same amount of views On The Floor has! … maybe more

  14. ENYPolyglot Says:

    @ginlover92545 I wish they’d reconcile!

  15. ENYPolyglot Says:

    @supermixgirl She’s a bad mama-jama!

  16. supermixgirl Says:

    i frkn love JLO

  17. metalerojorXD Says:

    mi interned es una mierda

  18. MrBrainGame Says:

    @yeahIhave the best are this and jenny from the block!!!

  19. georgehunter01 Says:

    @theenicolas i don’t know, i don’t listen well
    ademas no sé hablar inglés xD bueno, sí sé 😀

  20. theenicolas Says:

    00:46 She said “Im on the GAY club”?! 😀

  21. theenicolas Says:

    She said “Im on the GAY club” ?! :D

  22. PersonObsolete Says:


    (C) 2005 * no?

  23. alexismorenitaxo Says:

    :59 MAD CHOLA lol

  24. JibriVP2 Says:

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  25. ginlover92545 Says:

    marc anthony’s daughter is cute 🙂