Jennifer Lopez Celia Cruz Tribute AMAs

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25 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez Celia Cruz Tribute AMAs”

  1. demeliou Says:

    slayed it, she would la reina proud

  2. nani russ Says:

    I loved when she knocked that boy out with big ole booty ooo killem!! 4:29I want more J

  3. vanessa aquino Says:

    Oh My Goodness! This performance by JLo absolutely phenomenal! Watch this
    video and it will make you feel hot just watching it even if it’s cold
    outside. Que Viva Celia Cruz! I miss her dearly! 

  4. Hosanna Tandi Says:


  5. Diana Alvarez Says:

    Omg.. she is the most gorgeous Latina alive to my eyes. Awesome job jlo.
    Love you.

  6. mmabi87 Says:

    Can anyone give me all the titles of the songs?

  7. EpicElle7 Says:

    The best performance of her musical career. Hats off to Jenny from the

  8. Yukari Aiasaka Says:

    Troppo brava

  9. Alejandro Villacorta Says:

    Justin Timberlake Face at the End, means Everything. = AMAZING 🙂 i’m so
    Proud To Be Latino xxx

  10. jessi go Says:

    can someone tell me the names of the songs she singing 

  11. thomas addis Says:

    That’s how brill salsa is not any1 can sing it

  12. Cherry Rosas Says:

    Caribe Latinos in the house!!

  13. pureworship Says:

    J Lo kilt that! Amazing job!


    AWESOME! she´s AMAZING! totally love her… & Celia 4ever in our
    hearts!! :D

  15. tee lovee Says:

    j lo did that honey!!

  16. Chami wasantha Says:

    Same JLO..:)

  17. salvador murillo gamez Says:

    awesome!! love

  18. Nancy Fuentes Says:

    That’s latino style she is a complete star sorry miley but this is how you
    need to shake the booty no twerking

  19. damaris8 Says:

    My God JLO!!!! What an outstanding performance! One of the best latin
    tributes I’ve ever seen. Although Celia and JLO are two different
    musical/vocal styles/ranges, I’d say that Jennifer was the best pick to pay
    homage to Celia Cruz. Job very well done! And her body looked amazing, and
    she still danced her ass off! Hat off :)

  20. Ruben Ginel Says:

    JLO, is an amazing dancer and performer. Hands down! 

  21. LynRuiz Says:

    J Lo has redeemed herself. Celia would be proud. 

  22. naya ramirez Says:

    That’s why latinas are the sexiest. Look at how the body moves!! 

  23. Katrina Marie Says:

    i love her

  24. GabyB Says:

    It was a killer performance

  25. Lizma Rosado Says:

    Boricua!!! Best performance and artist that have Puerto Rico and el Bronx!