Iggy Azalea & Britney Spears New Song — What Will It Sound Like? (DRAMA KING)

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25 Responses to “Iggy Azalea & Britney Spears New Song — What Will It Sound Like? (DRAMA KING)”

  1. crystal-fever Says:

    That moment you and Julia said “Hollywood” hahaha y’all too happy

  2. Benthegreat one Says:

    ” But I hope Iggy is on her game and not sound like a dying Kangaroo” LMAO

  3. MadeAChannelJustToComment Says:

    The song was originally written by Little Mix. Iggy rewrote parts of it and
    suddenly now it’s her song -.-

  4. matthew booth Says:

    I think Britney and Iggy will def Balance one another out .

  5. LeoBoyer Says:

    Two of the shittiest artists of all time. Sorry Kingsley, I know you love
    Britney, but I have no idea why…

  6. Caroline Volpe Says:

    First comment

  7. LivingWithLisa Says:

    sooo. if kanye and taylor get an award for their song.. we know kanye will
    go up on stage and not taylor

  8. tylerratt Says:


  9. aeris44 Says:

    Anyone who does a collab with artists like Iggy and Nikki can expect a
    *basic* track. Bring my girl Azaelea Banks in this mix and then we can talk
    about quality.

  10. Andrew Johnson Says:

    Don’t forget the Fergie and Nicki collab

  11. violet qween Says:

    So ..Iggy plz no love or I Vought you cheating song..let it be freaky and
    nasty and kinkie!! Also very hot to dance to n twerk lol

  12. Michelle Lopez Says:


  13. Clay Brice Says:

    +Kingsley Awesome episode of Drama King, Kingsley! I think you & Julia had
    a much better connection with your game. My favorite collaboration would
    have to be Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson with “Scream.”

  14. Magical Seas Says:

    Little Mix wrote and dropped the somg because they didn’t want it. Britney
    took it. Iggy is now saying that she wrote most of it.

    I G G BYE

  15. Lauren Elizabeth Says:

    Kingsley I love you and your sexy glasses so much <3

  16. Lillee Skinner Says:

    if you were a celeb which one would you want to be?

  17. Sandra Chege Says:

    Incredible video U0001f60dU0001f62b

  18. krysmamamia Says:

    Idk who Eden is, but I dislike her. Kanye West is not a genius. Only ditsy
    wannabes like Eden think that.

  19. joebiekong Says:

    Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

  20. catacor21 Says:

    I love this guy LOL!!!

  21. AhmedAliGHZ Says:

    Nobody want’s Igloo Australia with Britney, Britney is a legend, Igloo is a
    cheap, ratchet wannabe.

  22. Guadalupe vidal Says:

    First comment 

  23. Professional fangirl Says:
  24. Eva love Says:

    Poor Britney if you colon with iggy your career is over where has jlo been
    who the fuck is CharlieXCX Ariana grande had to collab with nicki to come
    back don’t do it Britney save yourself

  25. scarlet cojocea Says:

    Britney!Yes!Yes!Love that women