GLEE – “Teenage Dream” Full Performance!

Songs for Your Day Video clip Rating: four / five

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33 Responses to “GLEE – “Teenage Dream” Full Performance!”

  1. MultiArmaggedon Says:

    drake bell said “glee ruins music” and i thik he’s right GLEE totally sucks!! thumbs up if you like this

  2. BunnieTabio Says:

    Blaine, you made me feel like I’m living a teenage dream <3

  3. SyncstaRulez Says:

    Darren is amazing <3
    He's always been amazing though ever since the Potter Musicals xD

  4. eleanorjoymakeup Says:

    this live was amazing

  5. misshollydoll Says:

    i cant even watch darren.
    thats how damn cute he is.
    just kidding i love you.

  6. TheCpcomedyvideos Says:

    Glee is hella stupid.

  7. Azzz216 Says:

    i don’t thinh it better than original

  8. rockinchick12341 Says:

    I’m proud to be a Gleek! Thumbs up if your proud to be one too!

  9. JeroFTW Says:

    This song is just fantastic. F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C.

  10. Zharrk Says:

    Brilliant! :3 But did anyone else notice at around 1:15 on that last ‘Forever’ that Blaine’s voice goes a little… Auto-Tune-y? 😮

  11. 19jacinta88 Says:

    I have to say,… this song is quite a bold way to say “Hello”! 🙂

  12. gs10kml Says:

    like good

  13. ilia6364 Says:

    i like it just Nicee 🙂 they look like like

  14. littlecat0908 Says:

    Everyone just gives every comment a thumbs up 😛 Love the song.

  15. carolineblackrocks Says:

    the guy behind Kurt i really going at it ……. Lmao 😛

  16. ZoeCollinsonMusic Says:

    Saw this live at glee live at the 02 last night was amazing!! there so good <3

  17. vivapinatakiller Says:

    Lmao holy god that is amazing

  18. Nakki51 Says:

    beafore I heard this song i was like katy perry – teenage dream is best song ever but when friend of main show me this from that day on this was best song ever !!

  19. Nakki51 Says:

    first wheI heard that katy`s song of this it was cool but when I heard this it was RELLY COOL !!

  20. OrinocoLynn21 Says:

    My brain and spine do this melty thing whenever Darren Criss smiles…

  21. carolineblackrocks Says:

    WOW the guy behind Kurt is really going at it……..

  22. DestinyDawnn Says:

    Steven Skyler <3

  23. petrcechfan23 Says:

    how can people dislike this.

  24. Lonlywayoflife Says:

    …Mike Thompkins..?

  25. PandaEaterify Says:

    I wouldn’t mind putting my hands on him wearing some skin tight jeans <3

  26. Bieber Says:

    Who wouldn’t do Justin Bieber?!

  27. Britney Says:

    Britney needs our help!

  28. Ultra Cat Music Says:

    Love music 🙂

  29. ShaggyMusic Says:

    Shaggy did it better!

  30. Jokerz NYC Says:

    Made me laugh

  31. Great Songs Says:

    Trying singing these

  32. DJ Flawless Says:

    Brilliant DJing lol

  33. Fibonacci Orchestra Says:

    Get the trumpets in!