GLEE – “Forget You” Full Performance feat. Gwyneth Paltrow!

Songs for Your Day Video clip Rating: four / 5

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29 Responses to “GLEE – “Forget You” Full Performance feat. Gwyneth Paltrow!”

  1. wickedphantom212 Says:

    1928 people…FORGET you !

  2. paigecollins98 Says:

    i love cheerleaders

  3. TheThegirlnextdooor Says:

    cant stop listening

  4. joyoshoo Says:

    top 40 sweet cheeks

  5. joyoshoo Says:

    top 40 sweet cheeks

  6. TeddieIsUnBEARable Says:

    Kurt. <3

  7. 239isabelle Says:

    My favourite part: 1:22 – 1:27 Britney has style.

  8. 239isabelle Says:

    My favourite part: 1:22 – 1:27 Britney has STYLE.

  9. 239isabelle Says:

    i love it Britney at 1:23 – 1:27 STYLE.

  10. C0LAxCHERRY Says:

    which episode is this ?

  11. Veronor93 Says:

    i love the way she says “change”


    1928 people cant afford a ferrari :3

  13. 123625sami Says:

    hey i love this show and she has a good voice shes cute

  14. matildefis Says:

    50 likes and i make a cover of this song 😛

  15. Moaath50 Says:

    Love sue when she get mad <3 Thumbs Up if U Agree

  16. nikurox1234 Says:

    its funny how the glee version of forget you has more than double the views of the original . LOVE glee 🙂

  17. ytubespoofer13 Says:

    This made me get up at 1:45 am and dance!

  18. Meg6347 Says:

    In my opion, i dont like the original song. but im in love with this!!

  19. apollo1029384756 Says:

    billy says my kurty is gay! >:)

  20. zearo0 Says:

    @spfan099 its funny, because i actually usually really love glee. but i hate this version, i think she ruined it imo

  21. JCHUSAF47 Says:

    I have always loved this woman as an actress. I loved a movie way back in 1992 that she was in called Cruel Doubt and liked here ever since that movie. Now she has a great movie and she has an exceptional voice on top of the acting. Glee and Forget you amazing keep it up you are an extremely talented individual and your Mom ain’t bad herself.

  22. NoSenseOfReality Says:

    this is so crazily auto tuned!

  23. valereieawesome Says:

    forget you glee haters yeah go around and tell your little girlfriend

  24. dancerxoxo134 Says:


  25. tdg1001 Says:

    Wow look at how many likes all these comments gettin’.

  26. Jones Music Says:

    Thats what I said in my blog

  27. Digi Music Says:

    I love digital music

  28. Good Guy Musica Says:

    Music is my life

  29. Famous Only Says:

    Is this what its come to?