Glee Cast Sings David Bowie’s ‘Fashion’ for Fashion’s Night Out

Songs for Your Day Movie Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Glee Cast Sings David Bowie’s ‘Fashion’ for Fashion’s Night Out”

  1. JuBmOxMoNsTeR Says:

    I guess .

  2. TheRockCaroline Says:

    2.43 – 2.45 fap fap fap :D

  3. imsoofreakintired Says:

    Actually Darren can rock with any type of clothes 🙂

  4. jorge60338 Says:

    This is video beautiful

  5. plata2516 Says:


  6. JuBmOxMoNsTeR Says:

    Yup 😉

  7. JaCkJONEL Says:

    ufff I LVE Darren Criss :p

  8. imsoofreakintired Says:

    As seen on “It’s not right but it’s ok” Darren can rock on any suit

  9. extazeeee Says:

    where’s Naya 😀

  10. Piper4988 Says:

    2:34 LOVE the looks they threw at each other!!! 😀

  11. Predrzna Says:

    Darren is so hot, but …. WHERE IS NAYA?????

  12. JuBmOxMoNsTeR Says:

    Only Darren can rock a red suit :3

  13. Abbiekat629 Says:

    Darren 3

  14. violettopaz Says:

    ahahhaha Finn

  15. EmilyZukowski Says:


  16. Zast23 Says:

    Everybody here look hot and OMGRAPERAPERAPE…

    But Naya… Nayaaa T_T

  17. JuBmOxMoNsTeR Says:

    That because he is . 😉

  18. plasticmanb Says:

    Only Darren can look supermegafoxyawesomehot in a red suit *_____*

  19. xpurplexify Says:

    Where’s Amber and Naya? 😮

  20. Dagmar Florea Says:

    and mercedes too

  21. Dagmar Florea Says:

    she was sick :((

  22. GiCathy Says:

    Yeah *_*
    It’s the same for me :’) My friends don’t even know StarKids existence D:

    I’m drawing the t-shirts and I’m gonna order pink sunglasses on Ebay 😀 😀 ;D

    Love it ^^

  23. uofc57 Says:

    I love that Kevin isn’t in is wheelchair for this one

  24. LiliQ0111 Says:

    You’re the Starkid friend I’ve always dreamed about O.O (well, you know, ‘always’ meaning ‘ever since I became a fan myself…’) 😀
    We’re ready to join the Starkid Crew. 😀 😀

  25. gummybrer45 Says:

    I lie Darren’s shoes and Chris’ outfit and Dianna’s hair and Lea’s dress.