Exclusive: Justin Timberlake Sits Down with Sway & Talks Jay Z, Kanye, Drake, Miley Cyrus + more

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25 Responses to “Exclusive: Justin Timberlake Sits Down with Sway & Talks Jay Z, Kanye, Drake, Miley Cyrus + more”

  1. Vinny H. Says:

    More proof that Sirius is fucking awesome

  2. Chocomuneca19 Says:

    He doesn’t act black. Like he has a sense of humor that doesn’t mean he
    acts black. Basically what you’re saying is a white person can’t have black
    influence on them. Okay well then Michael Jackson can’t love the Beatles,
    Queen, Charlie Chaplin, because then he would be acting white? Please stop
    putting race in everything. Its not making this world better.

  3. FreshMicksMusic Says:

    They should play chill ass music throughout the ENTIRE interview like they
    did at the end. It just sets a cool vibe.

  4. Ben Jamin Says:

    For crying out loud, stop making it about race. Justin Timberlake is
    completely himself in every single interview. He is not ‘acting black’ and
    stealing black culture or R&B. His favorite artists growing up were black.
    It’s called influence.

  5. shaka zulu Says:

    He changes his whole persona around black people. There’s nothing genuine
    about justin timberlake, he replicates so many black artist usher is way
    more talented and doesn’t just sing in falsetto like most white wanna be
    R&B singers. I’m ready for him to stop making music. 

  6. AskSallieAnne Says:

    I love JT so much since back in the day with NSYNC. So sad he’s married,
    but he still belongs to me in my head. I will be seeing my boo in concert
    in Chicago. XOXO

  7. Jose M. Rodriguez Jr. Says:

    JT looks high or really gay but im not making fun or dissing JT he is cool

  8. MattQB1990 Says:

    This guy is a terrible interviewer. Didn’t he used to do MTV News and under
    a different name?

  9. aldwin Says:

    Justin t , ok many ppl might say he is good or is a douche, my opinion when
    he came to my job at sirius he was a complete ass to everybody. People
    trying to say hello he didnt even look all he said was get the fuck outta
    my way insect. 

  10. EyeHeartShantel Says:

    Justin is hot 

  11. Caleb Lytle Says:

    I like his snap back his hat what is the team or thing it is like
    basketball or what 

  12. Mike Williams Says:

    That grizz hat is tough!!!

  13. youruniquestyle Says:

    why did sway say austin mahone over justin bieber? lmao justin bieber is
    waaaaaaaaay more famous

  14. MrHominan Says:

    Check out the 2013 wrap up on my page!!

  15. nunayo bidnis Says:

    Justin is on something, dunno what, but he acting high

  16. Ray Baca Says:


    Click the link new music, dropping more next week

  17. jom james Says:

    justin full homo

  18. sand man Says:

    What’s the title of that song playing at the end.

  19. M Williams Says:

    Y is everything always about color and race, this sickens me, this man is
    talented , and puts on a hell of a show live…what difference does it make
    how he acts around Ellen or Sway…

  20. Killa Skrilla Says:


  21. martha jane Says:

    The inscription states JT shut down the VMA awards, that is true only if
    you meant it was bad, because to think that, you have to to void of any
    talent knowledge, or you are paid to write untruths. JT is mediocre at best
    and ugly, the later he can’t help.

  22. FALOEMovement Says:

    That beatbox was actually dope…

  23. vegaskidd Says:

    When he mentioned he played staple center in LA with kanye, I WAS THERE! I
    blinded the fuck out of justin when I took a pic of him, he never came to
    my side of the stage after that but it was a great pic! LOL….

  24. CatJutsu Says:

    +Jluyoungzone That had me rolling. I was just about to type that.

  25. Ace V Says:

    from a real musician JT..the closest to Michael Jackson period. Kanye West
    is a creative genius so haters please..a flawed visionary… be inspired by
    the passion and the ideas … don’t be distracted by the delivery