Divergent Sneak Peek, VMA Seating Chart & Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber Throwback – Clevver Feed

Music for Your Working day Video clip Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Divergent Sneak Peek, VMA Seating Chart & Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber Throwback – Clevver Feed”

  1. Ridhi kaur Says:

    I would sit next to justin bieber <3

  2. Kayla Alvarez Says:

    Selena gomez ♥♥♥

  3. Crazyness305 Says:

    Selena Gomez

  4. softball10043 Says:

    Big time rush I love them with all my heart

  5. Kimberley C. Bernard Says:


  6. Shannon Persaud Says:


  7. Madeline Carlson Says:

    Shailene Woodley

  8. AlluringMaddy Says:

    I’d sit next to Shailene. <3

  9. Lauryn Spencer Says:


  10. Myrthe Dionysia Says:

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  11. MoustachedPuffin Says:

    I would sit next to Shailene <3

  12. Camila Antonia Says:

    SELENA HAVE TO WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. KawaiiLand15 Says:

    I would want to sit next to one direction and right next to harry and Niall

  14. zsahim10 Says:

    Wow the seating arrangment looks pretty epic!! I hope Selena wins:-) She’s next to Taylor and behind her is Drake!! And Katy is in front and Miley next to Robin. Soo cool

  15. Mrinisha Adhikari Says:

    I hope Selena wins!!!

  16. courtneymc18 Says:


  17. MsIffyLove Says:

    Omg omg ! So watching Divergent !!

  18. MsIffyLove Says:

    Joslyn !! Dana !! Y’all should have a contest and the winner features on your clevverfeed ! Cause I am dying to be on clevverfeed, lol

  19. MsIffyLove Says:

    Scooter seems to be finding the best talent….please come and find me 😉

  20. MsIffyLove Says:

    The seating arrangement is PERFECT !

  21. maraly styles Says:

    I hope Selena wins ❤

  22. maraly styles Says:

    Either between 1D or between Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift ❤

  23. rjpopps Says:

    I would want to sit in between One Direction and Taylor Swift, with Selena Gomez in front of me so I could stare at her. Even though its the back of her head.

  24. Tina Wu Says:

    DIVERGENT!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL MARCH. Theo is great and the whole movie looks awesome… And Selena and Taylor for sure 🙂

  25. Caoimhe Mullan Says:

    DIVERGENT DIVERGENT DIVERGENT DIVERGENT!!!!!! OH MY GAWD IM DYING!!! This is too much!!! Im just going to go cry in a corner and watch that clip on repeat 🙂