Britney Spears Interview 2013 on Las Vegas Show at Planet Hollywood

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25 Responses to “Britney Spears Interview 2013 on Las Vegas Show at Planet Hollywood”

  1. vanessa jasmine Says:

    she is looking beautiful. i’d sign up for whatever she had done 🙂

  2. IAmCharlene2000 Says:

    No her diet is working.

  3. vanessa jasmine Says:

    at the moment you! get a grip dude!. find something better to do than pick fights with random strangers over nothing. pathetic!!!.

  4. Richard Arthur Says:

    maybe, she loves the name: Preston!!, what’s your problem??

  5. Teenie Aure Tan Says:


  6. Ibrahim Khalilulah Says:

    Both sons are born out of two different dicks.

  7. vanessa jasmine Says:

    yeah i found that out but she is calling him by his middle name? i wonder if hes always gone by his middle name?

  8. Qwen Devil Says:

    I love britney. ♥♥

  9. Jill Ilenkop Says:

    His whole name is Sean Preston 😉 and the other one is Jayden James 😉

  10. vanessa jasmine Says:

    why did she call her oldest son preston? isnt he called sean???

  11. darraghkav5 Says:

    Shes definitely had some fillers in her face and lips and I dont know if its her make up contouring her nose or has she had that done too?! She looks absolutely gorgeus though I mean she needed a little bit work done!

  12. pussy7442 Says:


  13. Angel Burgos Says:

    The “Oop…I Did It Again” part is hilarious!!! I love Britney so much, she’s so fun!

  14. Nguyen Ngan Says:

    Oh, Britney, i love you!!!!!

  15. MDproductionSS Says:

    that even funnier lmao:D

  16. jshaw1411 Says:

    Omg I fucking Love her! !!!!

  17. Isaac Boyd Says:

    I don’t get what’s so funny…

  18. MDproductionSS Says:

    lmao hahaha.. can’t stop laughing hahaha:D

  19. Destinee Faith Says:

    yeah, it takes so so so much strength to come back after what happened to her because of the fame.

  20. lera vostrikova Says:

    go girl!!!!

  21. jaizon kappen Says:


  22. blackdkg Says:

    I love to see her again confortble in a interview and happy shes back

  23. Olumor Agiverbos Says:

    Shes always very down to earth… Likable.. I love her!!!

  24. No Harm Says:

    This is more like the ‘Princess’es claim to the throne’.

  25. KellO0ow Says:

    She’s my hero!