Britney Spears – 3

Tracks for Your Day Online video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Britney Spears – 3”

  1. indegeo Says:

    @zbpnnbj your right! this track is amazing Hey peeps use this to get the mp3 of this music >

  2. cjy1997 Says:

    @pfyeqqv yeah people give respect not always when its due the song pumps me out AND.. i use this to get it on your pod =>

  3. Angela Liang Says:

    Cool song my best best favourite song love it love love it

  4. Angela Liang Says:


  5. n03p0nc3 Says:

    yes 🙂

  6. Eerie Siren Spears Says:


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  8. Kaitlyn Woodin Says:

    uhm not being rude (give it negative votes if u want or flag as spam dont care.) but HORRIBLE LIP SINKING BRITTNEY awesome video though

  9. Hodarock JP Says:

    nobody, too busy watching those legs.

  10. scovey49 Says:

    123 … :)

  11. oamcar98 Says:

    This song is about a three some and peter , Paul , and Mary are the ones doing it

  12. kakk akakaa Says:

    What is singing for?

  13. JadeeJones717 Says:

    is this song about a threesome?

  14. 05cambrit Says:

    That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. HAMZAOUI ALI Says:

    the whole thing looks like a german song especially britney

  16. Arun kishore Says:

    sexy legs baby girl…. 😉

  17. JustinLeRoumain Says:

    pure electropop music… sounds so good…

  18. troll390 Says:

    Every time I hear this I think if madison ivy… That’s why I love this song so much

  19. FallingDemon1 Says:

    pls vote for britney spears on next year’s superbowl 2014 on billboard

  20. LilBlueTickles Says:

    i love her more then 3x! =)

  21. KitKatsandKittyCats Says:

    This is such a catchy song omg

  22. Stoleqi Triniqi Says:


  23. Beshr Abbara Says:

    بالله قولي الحقيقة بيقربك هادا الجحش peter pan al khara

  24. Hasimhasimyoo Says:

    I’d have a 3 with her and her friends brit is really a sexy ass woman 🙂

  25. rose191991 Says:

    like this song so much 🙂