► dog days are over (glee cast) || full performance

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25 Responses to “► dog days are over (glee cast) || full performance”

  1. svchic92 Says:

    he wasn’t even involved in glee at that time, even as a background person. he didnt audition for the glee project until season 3. it’s just a guy that looks like him…

  2. xXpottergleekXx Says:


  3. aLiSa ChOi Says:

    he wasn’t in this as ryder. he was in this as a background person

  4. aLiSa ChOi Says:

    wtf ms pillsbury got married to two guys before she married will?!?!
    she married ken tenaka and this dentist guy

  5. Johanna Lest Says:

    I like this Song

  6. Victoria Comba Says:

    Finn 4ever

  7. MusicAgEsp Says:

    I miss this glee 🙁

  8. Erycah edwards Says:

    damn rachel was jumping high lol i dont know why it was funny but it was

  9. ashxx Says:

    i think that will actually be true for me haha! keep watching glee because glee is forever!!!

  10. Denise Chelsea Says:

    I miss the old glee cast!

  11. kaylee weatherford Says:

    No I’m watching this in 2045..

  12. rigby16 Says:

    one of my favorite songs

  13. starkiller187 Says:

    This was uploaded in 2013.

  14. Duky silva Says:

    ficou otimo véi *–* Florence <3

  15. svchic92 Says:

    haha! that guy just looks like him. but very creepy. they really do look a lot alike

  16. rodneydovale Says:

    Actually, it was published in 2013… So that includes, well, everyone!

  17. Angel garcia Says:

    He was actually he hes the freak guitar player this is actually really scary and weird but awesome

  18. DannielSquall100 Says:

    For God’s sake people, it’s not Blake… just someone who look like him.

  19. PinkLaurence Says:

    Finn 4 ever.

  20. Autumn Kolarik Says:

    if you pause it at 2:29 it’s Achele! they are holding hands again! <3

  21. Autumn Kolarik Says:

    what episode is this?

  22. Άρης Οικονόμου Says:

    0.00- 0.01 It’s RYDER

  23. svchic92 Says:

    he wasn’t in this season. this is from season 2…

  24. Vincent Yang Says:

    Thought Naya sung this the whole time, Jenna sounds just like her.

  25. GiAmoreGi Says:

    I miss cory monteith!!!!!!!!! why did you mix that stuff i love you all glee cast